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Can the SP / BMC and e0M interface be configured on different subnets?

Applies to

  • All FAS systems
  • All AFF systems


The e0M and remote management devices (such as RLM/SP/BMC) have unique MAC addresses and requires unique IP addresses.

However, because e0M and remote management devices share the same internal switch (wrench port) you must configure both ports in the same subnet.

Note: Some storage controllers, such as the AFF A800, have two external ports, one for BMC and the other for e0M. For these controllers, there is no requirement to configure BMC and e0M on the same IP subnet. .

Additional Information

The e0M interface is dedicated to ONTAP management activities. It enables you to separate management traffic from data traffic on your storage system for security and throughput benefits.

The e0M management port and RLM/SP/BMC network port are connected to an internal switch on the controller. One port from the switch is wired to the wrench RJ45 which allows access from outside. 

Note: The e0M interface doesn't support VLAN tagging.