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Call home for Health Monitor process nphm: BootmediaReplaceAlert in Data ONTAP

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • FAS Series
  • AFF Series


  • Data ONTAP generates the health alert "BootmediaReplaceAlert"
  • EMS logs reports the alert.
Sun Aug 16 00:36:02 CDT [system2-01: mgwd:]: Call home for Health Monitor process nphm: BootmediaReplaceAlert[mSATA (serial-number-of-boot-device)].
  •  Run command:
    ::> system health alert show
  • Or verify using Autosupports through your AIQ portal (section SYSTEM-HEALTH-ALERT-PERSISTENT.XML)
Node system2-01
Monitor controller
Alert ID BootmediaReplaceAlert
Alerting Resource mSATA (serial-number-of-boot-device)
Subsystem Motherboard
Indication Time Sun Aug 16 00:34:48 2020
Perceived Severity Critical
Probable Cause hardware_degrading
Description Bad sector count in the boot media has reached critical level.
Corrective Actions 1. Contact technical support to obtain a new boot device.
2. If possible, perform a takeover of this node and bring the node down for maintenance.
3. Refer to the "Boot media replacement guide for your given hardware platform" to replace the boot device.
4. Update the boot device with the appropriate Data ONTAP version.
5. Bring the storage system online.
Possible Effect Upgrading, downgrading, reverting, or applying patches to Data ONTAP can damage the boot device.
If the boot device is damaged, the storage system will not boot.
Acknowledge false
Suppress false
Policy BootmediaReplaceAlertPolicy
Additional Information
    Vendor ID(in Hex): 8086
    Device ID(in Hex): 8d02
    Display Name: BootMedia
    Usbmon Status: present
    Device State: bad
    Size(in MB): 114473



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