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BMC not responding with ****FAILED : smf_sp_network_status_get for IPv4 or v6

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • AFF A400 / FAS8300 / FAS8700
  • BMC 13.7


  • Multiple servprocd errors. Example: 
[node_name-01: servprocd: kern.vm.mmap.return:notice]: mmap(2) by servprocd (pid 6180) for size 2101248 failed: VMEM limit exceeded, limit 1099689656, error 12.
  • Service Processor not responding in one node. Example: 
::> sp show
                               IP           Firmware                           
Node          Type Status      Configured   Version   IP Address               
------------- ---- ----------- ------------ --------- -------------------------
node_name-02  BMC  online      true         13.7              
Error: show failed: Timeout: Operation "sp_system_view_iterator::get_imp()" took longer than 25 seconds to complete [from mgwd on node "node_name-01" (VSID: -1) to servprocd at]
  • Events eample:
::> event log show
Time                Node             Severity      Event
------------------- ---------------- ------------- ---------------------------
12/21/2022 13:01:58 node_name-01     ALERT         spm.servprocd.process.exit: Service processor daemon (servprocd) with ID 6160 exited as a result of signal 6. This server will attempt to restart.
12/21/2022 13:01:53 node_name-01     ERROR         ucore.panicString: 'servprocd: Call to pthread_create() failed with error: Resource temporarily unavailable, raising SIGABRT(6) at RIP 0x8075db6aa (pid 6160, uid 0, timestamp 1671624113)'
2 entries were displayed
  • Sysconfig -a output:
Service Processor           Status: Unknown
Firmware Version:   (null)
Mgmt MAC Address:   (null)
Ethernet Link:      down
****FAILED : smf_sp_network_status_get for IPv4
IPv4 configuration:         Disabled
****FAILED : smf_sp_network_status_get for IPv6
IPv6 configuration:         Disabled

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