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What logs should be captured when troubleshooting locked down E-Series controllers

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This article is intended for OEM partners and internal NetApp support representatives

This articles provides a data collection plan when troubleshooting locked down or offline E-Series controllers in all supported releases. Note that some of the data may not be available in certain lock down conditions.


  • Check and document the 7-segment display codes on the back of the controller(s). Expect 2 or more codes from each controller.
  • Collect Support Bundle from the online controller.  
    • Name the files with the system name,  data type, system state, and date. 
      • i.e. DR_CSB_Lockdown_3-30-2020.7z 
  • Capture data (if possible) from the locked down controller. If both controllers are locked down then the below data must be captured from both.
    • Start a serial shell capture and run the following commands: Make sure logging is enabled for the console/serial session
      • cmgrShow
      • excLogShow 
      • hwLogShow 
      • spriSevenSegShow
      • getRecoveryFailureList_MT
      • lockMgrShow (from both controllers) 
      • Current Debug Queue data (if possible): dqprint "trace". Full Debug Queue data (historic trace buffers) should be collected after the system is recovered.
      • If the controller is in lockdown. Clear the lockdown to capture the start-of-day boot up process.
        • Make sure logging is enabled for the console/serial session
          • Run following commands in the below order to clear lock down:    
            • clearHardwareLockdown
            • lemClearLockdown
        • Clearing the lockdown may clear the condition and allow the controller to return to optimal.
        • If the controller returns to the locked down state then follow recovery steps for the specific 7-segment code documented in NetApp Knowledgebase database.

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