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What is the default IP behavior when configuring management ports on E-Series?

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All E-Series platforms


E-Series default management port IP behavior:

  • E-Series controllers ship with DHCP enabled by default. If a controller is unable to obtain a DHCP address on a given network port, it will revert to a default static IP address. This process can take up to 3 minutes.
  • Default static IP addresses are not persisted across link-down events when a network port on a controller is set to use DHCP.
    • If a port is configured for DHCP the controller will attempt to obtain a DHCP address on every link-up event, including cable insertions, reboots, and power cycles. 
    • Any time a DHCP attempt fails, the default static IP address for that port will be used. 
  • When using DHCP, the recommendation is to use a permanent DHCP lease.
  • When using static IP addresses it is recommended to set a static IP using SANtricity. Once a static IP is configured, it will persist through all link down/up events.
  • NOTE:
    • After changing the management IP address, the SANtricity management software might be unable to connect to the storage array.
    • Remove the storage array from the Enterprise Management window and then add it again.

Additional information about the default management port IP addresses can be found on this article.