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What is in an E-Series Support Bundle?

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NetApp E-Series and EF-Series


This article describes some of the basic files/items you can find in a support bundle. The following is a list of quick descriptions of the files in a support bundle:

Note: This list is subject to constant updates and changes.

Filename  Description 
asup-transmission-logs.txt List of attempts to send ASUP messages to NetApp. Reports a 'beginning' attempt and an 'ending', such as successful or failed
connection.txt Displays the Drive Expansion Enclosure IDs and port connection details, shows which port connects to which port
controller-drive-error-event-log.txt Record of the last 100 error check conditions/errors reported by individual drives, not persistent through reboot
core-dump-info.xml / all-coredump.xml Metadata about the core dump, includes Capture Time, Serial numbers of controllers (as well as platform and firmware level), size of the core, and trigger reason
cumulative-drive-vol-stats.xml Drive and Volume statistics, such as read/write IOs, errors, and so on
drive-command-aging-timeout.txt Current and default settings for drive timeout values
drive-health-data.bin Drive health data read from the drives themselves and sent for analysis in the future using ASUP
drive-performance-log.txt Data from the Slow Drive Detection feature, include slow, none, idle and exempt periods
emwdata_v04.bin Enterprise Management Window data from SANtricity, shows which subsystems are connected
failed-repository-analysis.txt Displays detailed information about repository faults, including what type of fault and where it was found
feature-bundle.txt Shows all features on the subsystem (premium features)
firmware-inventory.txt Devices firmware in the system
ib-statistics.csv Infiniband statistics. Only collected on systems with Host Side Infiniband protocol
io-dump-metadata.txt Metadata for an IOC log dump. If one exists, indicates that an IOC had an issue
io-path-statistics.7z Displays the initiator-target-LUN nexus details on a per volume/initiator and IO shipping details
major-event-log.txt Copied out of SANtricity directly. It displays the date, local time, and description, event number, and event code. Each entry has a hex underneath for raw data
iscsi-session-connections.txt iSCSI connections. Only collected on systems with Host Side iSCSI protocol
iscsi-statistics.csv iSCSI Statistics. Only collected on systems with Host Side iSCSI protocol
manifest.xml List (manifest) of files in the support bundle/ASUP and metadata about them, such as size, time collected, and so on
msw-runtime-info.txt Data about the management software (SANtricity), such as OS, previous errors, firmware history, and directory location
nvsram-data.txt Dump of most of the NVSRAM data/settings
Object-bundle.bin All devices state and status in the system. - A way to read the object graph, but small bits of it
perf-stats-daily-summary-[a | b].csv Performance stats for each controller throughout the day broken down into minute granularity
persistent-reservations.txt List of SCSI reservations for multiple hosts connecting to a single volume
pref_01.bin Preferences file from SANtricity, includes ASUP setup information
read-link-status.csv Gives link errors that occurred on the Fiber Channel Loop. Fiber Channel Backend Only
recovery-guru-procedures.html System list of errors or concerns in a user-friendly format with suggested actions.
recovery-profile.csv Configuration and recent changes. This file (and a .bak backup) is also stored on the HSW system and updated with configuration changes.
sas-phy-error-logs.csv Errors on the SAS backend, includes invalid dwords, disparity errors, lost dword synchronization, and no dword synchronization
soc-statistics.csv Gives errors through "Switch on Chip". Fibre Channel Backend Only
state-capture-data.txt A large list of controller shell commands run against each controller. More information about the content of  the state capture can be found in What is in a StateCapture as of Controller Firmware 8.20
storage-array-configuration.cfg Saved configuration script to recreate the configuration of a system
storage-array-profile.txt Parsed limited object bundle, shows components, states, mappings, and so on. More information about the content of  the state capture can be found in What is in a Storage Array Profile?
trace-buffers.7z Debug Queue (DQ) logs. Detailed event logs that often record more than 5 items per second. 5MB limit and support bundle only captures the most recent trace. This file needs to be parsed
tray-component-state-capture.7z ESM logs, include event logging comparable to DQ and state capture similar to controller state capture
unreadable-sectors.txt Sectors that are physically or logically unreadable (data is inaccessible)
x-header-data.txt Metadata about the support bundle/ASUP itself. Used to route and categorize ASUPs (same information as headers)


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