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What Support Data does NetApp need for E-Series performance troubleshooting?

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Applies to

  • NetApp E-Series and EF-Series
  • NetApp SANtricity OS


This assumes the troubleshooting steps in Knowledge Base Article(KB) NetApp E-Series poor performance are already performed. If this has not been completed, refer to this KB first before opening a technical support case.

In order to troubleshoot E-Series and EF-Series performance related issues, please provide as much detail as possible (when applicable) to benefit the troubleshooting process. Upload any attachments or logs to the case from below list:

  1. Gather and upload the following files:
  2. Answer the following questions regarding the performance issue:
    • What is the expected performance in terms of read and write performance?
    • Is the performance issue related to throughput, IOPs and/or latency?
    • When did the performance issue started? Provide date and/or timestamp.
    • List any changes made to the system when the performance issue started. For example: Firmware upgrades or new hosts added to the Array
    • Where the performance issue is being seen? For example: SANtricity, Host or application
    • If the performance issue is constant or intermittent
    • If the performance issue is during certain times or the day or during certain I/O loads
    • Any other details that are worth sharing about the performance issue
  3. Answer the following questions regarding the system and setup:
    • What is the system being used for? For example: Databases, Applications, VMware, Hyper-V, Backups (like Commvault or Spectrum Protect)
    • Which RAID setup is used and why was this chosen?
    • Which volumes are impacted ?
    • Which Disk pools or Volume groups are impacted ?
    • Is the system using random or sequential writes?
    • If a Switch is used, provide the following detail:
      • Switch manufacturer
      • Switch model
      • Switch firmware
    • If any hardware replacement were performed that may have caused this
    • Any other details that are worth sharing about the system and setup

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