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Unable to upgrade due to spmVerifyDatabase failing on Arapaho

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • E2800 Arapaho controllers
  • DE212C enclosures
  • CFW:
  • N280X-830834-D02


Other actions (such as create volumes, create hosts, assign volumes, and so on) can be performed in the system without issues; however, the pre-health check for the upgrade fails reporting two issues:

  • The storage array is currently in a locked out mode (due to too many incorrect password attempts) or the storage array is experiencing a communication issue. Validate that the connection between the network and both controllers is still operational. If connection is valid, wait 10 minutes and retry the operation. The password is correct, and there are no issues with the password. It seems to be a false alarm as a consequence of having the system in lock out mode.
  • A message reporting spmDatabaseVerification fails. spmDatabase corruption is detected. In the pre-health check log, the following is reported:

"spmDatabaseVerification": {"result":"failed","type":"spmDatabaseVerification","severityLevel":"fatal","failureMessages": [],"successful":false}, "configurationDatabaseCheck": Knowledgebase {"result":"failedDataRetrieval","type":"configurationDatabaseCheck","severityLevel":

  • "fatal","status":"__UNDEFINED","successful":false},

Trace Buffers Log for both:

03/02/17-15:41:54.109040 00 ~ffff800020ec5020~ rds ffff rdsLock rdsBuffer Lock obtained 03/02/17- 15:41:54.109041 00 ~ffff800020ec5020~ scap ffff scap Capture command: 'spmVerifyDatabase' 03/02/17-15:41:54.465486 00 ~ffff800020ec5020~ scap ffff getCapData Seek failed, line: 594 03/02/17- 15:41:54.465489 00 ~ffff800020ec5020~ vkiCE ffff CE_ERROR 03/02/17-15:41:54.483 Error reading capture buffer,captureData not performed for function:spmVerifyDatabase 03/02/17-15:41:54.465595 00 ~ffff800020ec5020~ scap ffff getCtlrDbg Returning RETCODE_ERROR(2), line: 697 03/02/17- 15:41:54.465596 00 ~ffff800020ec5020~ rds ffff rdsLock rdsBuffer Lock released 03/02/17- 15:41:54.465600 00 ~ffff800020ec5020~ sym ffff symbol [TCP:30] RPC stateCapture_1 (#84, fd94:29f8:cf58:3::2:39061) returned. 03/02/17-15:41:54.533324 00 ~ffff800014fe6610~ sym ffff symbol [TCP:30] RPC startRawDataRetrieve_1 (#549, fd94:29f8:cf58:3::2:39061). 03/02/17-15:41:54.533341 00 ~ffff800014fe6610~ rdm ffff rdmMgr TransferType: RAWDATA_DBM_CHECK, Exclusivity: CONTROLLER_EXCLUSIVE, Lock obtained 03/02/17-15:41:54.533342 00 ~ffff800014fe6610~ rds ffff rdsLock rdsBuffer Lock obtained 03/02/17-15:41:54.533344 00 ~ffff800014fe6610~ rdm ffff rdmRetrieve startRawDataRetrieve_1: TransferType = RAWDATA_DBM_CHECK, ReturnCode = RETCODE_OK(1)


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