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How to enable UNMAP on existing Thin Volumes for VMware ESXi

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Applies to

  • E-Series Controller Firmware 8.xx
  • SANtricity


Starting with the E-Series Controller Firmware release 08.25 M1 (expected May 2016), the SCSI UNMAP command for Thin Volumes (SCSI Operation Code 42h) is supported. If you are upgrading from a previous Controller Firmware release, including (First Customer Shipment Release), existing Thin Volumes will not automatically support UNMAP after the upgrade until manual changes are made to the Thin Volumes.  

There are some extra steps that are required to enable UNMAP support on Thin Volumes and within the chosen Operating System. This document will describe the steps in detail for the VMware ESXi Operating System.

Note: In the case of VMware ESXi, only Thin Volumes with VMFS-5 or VMFS-3 datastores on them will support UNMAP operations directly from the VMware ESXi host. If Thin Volumes are being used for Physical Raw Device Mappings (pRDM) or Virtual Raw Device Mappings (vRDM) directly to a Virtual Machine, follow the UNMAP KB article for the Operating System installed on that Virtual Machine.

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