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HIC port reports as down after a failed host interface card event

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Applies to

  • E-series SANTricity OS


ASUP generates a case for a failed host interface card in Controller A. Investigation of the logs shows the system is optimal. Further review shows Controller A port 2's link went down and never came back up. The user confirmed the cable was still connected to the port.

In the DQ, the FC driver reports a fatal error:

03/09/15-18:36:11.194595 symTask3   sym     ffff symbol       [TCP:16] RPC getLongLivedOpsProgress_1 (#566, ::ffff: returned.

03/09/15-18:36:25.630888 qlfcTask7  qlfc   c0007              Release 0xhandleData 15305900 nPortHandle 0xa for NPort 0x6ab18 login 0x15305810

03/09/15-18:36:25.630895 qlfcTask8  qlfc   c0008              Release 0xhandleData 1536e100 nPortHandle 0xa for NPort 0x3aa14 login 0x1536e010

03/09/15-18:36:25.631373 IOSched    qlfc   c0008              SYSTEM ERROR - FATAL FCoE only values 0

03/09/15-18:36:25.631379 IOSched    vkiCE   ffff CE_ERROR     03/09/15-18:36:55.550 HIC chip (8300) Fatal System Error on channel 8 event = 0x8002

03/09/15-18:36:25.631414 IOSched    qlfc   c0008             DUMP command

03/09/15-18:36:25.631853 IOSched    qlfc   c0008             Abort Active Exchanges

This is followed closely by HIC port 2 going down and not coming back up:

03/09/15-18:36:25.631855 ~00000000~ fci    c0008 mtl ---> fcd LinkDown reason:1

03/09/15-18:36:25.631857 ~00000000~ fc     c0008 ObserveLinkDown

03/09/15-18:36:25.631858 ~00000000~ fc     c0008 SetLinkWentDown  Times==>LinkDown:03/09/15-18:36:55.550  Quiesce:03/09/15-18:36:57.550


03/09/15-18:36:25.631872 ~00000000~ mel    C0006 MelE         Major Event:0x1017 Cat:0x4  Pri:0 Log:1 Action:0x0  Origin:0x0

                                                              ID:0x0        LUN:0x1002     Dev:0x0        Data:0x00000000

                                                              Fibre channel link down

03/09/15-18:36:25.632090 ~00000000~ ioni   c0008 LinkDown


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