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How to change the IP address of an existing deployment of VSC / SRA / VASA Provider 7.x

Applies to

  •  NetApp VASA Provider Software for VMware    
  •  Virtual Storage Console (VMware) 7.0    
  •  Virtual Storage Console (VMware) 7.1    
  •  Virtual Storage Console (VMware) 7.2 


This article details the process required to change the IP address of an existing deployment of the 7.x Unified Appliance (UA), which includes Virtual Storage Console (VSC), Storage Replication Adapter (SRA), and VASA Provider. The article contains three workflows to address the slightly different processes required when making ip addressing modifcations for the three various components of the UA. The primary workflow describes how to change the ip address for the UA when VSC is the only component being used. The second workflow provides the additional steps required when making changes to the SRA component. Lastly, the third workflow describes the additional steps required when VASA provider is in use and VVOLs are being used.

Note: When changing IP address information, be sure to also modify any related DNS entries in the environment's name servers.



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