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Storage Replication Adapter (SRA): Operation timed out after 300 seconds

Applies to

  • Site Recovery Manager (SRM)
  • Storage Replication Adapter (SRA)


The default timeout setting used by SRM for storage tasks are 300 seconds. If this timeout value is exceeded you might see events similar to the following in the SRM logs:

2016-05-31T23:13:07.277-04:00 [10712 error 'RemoteTaskMonitor'] Dr::Internal::RemoteTask::Fail: The remote task failed: error=
--> std::exception 'class Dr::TimeoutException' "Operation timed out after '300.005057' seconds"
2016-05-31T23:13:07.288-04:00 [11248 error 'Recovery' ctxID=727c8422 opID=311ccf49] [revRepl] Operation reverse replication failed for group [dr.replication.ProtectionGroup:protection-group-5048]: (dr.storageProvider.fault.StorageReverseReplicationFailed) {
--> dynamicType = ,
--> faultCause = (dr.fault.Timedout) {
--> dynamicType = ,
--> faultCause = (vmodl.MethodFault) null,
--> timeout = 300,
--> msg = "",
--> },
--> msg = "",
--> }



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