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SRA command "testFailoverStart" failed. Storage port not found Either Storage port information provided in NFS list is incorrect

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • SRA 2.1 clustered Data ONTAP
  • Protocol: NFS


The following error might be displayed:
SRA command 'testFailoverStart' failed. Storage port not found Either Storage port information provided in NFS list is incorrect else Verify the "isPv4" option in ontap_config file matches the ipaddress in NFS field.

The following output might be displayed in the SRM logs:
2014-03-27T00:41:34.382+07:00 [02312 info 'SraCommand' opID=3948C95F-0000003F] testFailoverStart's stdout:
--> 27-03-2014T00:41:30  NetApp FAS/V-Series Storage Replication Adapter 2.1 for clustered Data ONTAP Build Date 25-11-2013
--> 27-03-2014T00:41:30  Starting script
--> 27-03-2014T00:41:30  Test-Failover-start
--> 27-03-2014T00:41:30  Version in filer is 1 20
--> 27-03-2014T00:41:30  Root Volume is EGA_Mirror_SRM_root
--> 27-03-2014T00:41:32  Collecting storage IP address information
--> 27-03-2014T00:41:32  Could not find any IP address for NFS

--> 27-03-2014T00:41:32  Could not find any igroup or IP address
--> 27-03-2014T00:41:32  Entering updateLsMirror
--> 27-03-2014T00:41:33  Root Volume is EGA_Mirror_SRM_root
--> 27-03-2014T00:41:34  No LS snapmirror relations found
--> 27-03-2014T00:41:34  Snapmirror update for vserver root volume failed
--> 27-03-2014T00:41:34  Test-Failover-start completed with errors
--> 27-03-2014T00:41:34  Generate autosupport event in filer
--> 27-03-2014T00:41:34  Autosupport Event is disabled



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