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What are native and mixed modes, and how do I tell what mode is operating on the client?

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Applies to

Data ONTAP 7 and earlier


Mixed Mode:

Is the default domain mode setting on Windows 2000 Domain Controllers. Mixed mode allows Windows NT and 2000 backup Domain Controllers to co-exist in a domain. Mixed mode does not support the universal and nested group enhancements of Windows 2000. The domain mode setting can be changed to Windows 2000 native mode when all Windows NT Domain Controllers are removed from a domain.

Native Mode:

Is the condition in which all Domain Controllers in the domain have been upgraded to Windows 2000 and an administrator has enabled native mode operation (through Active directory users and computer)

To check if the client is running mixed or native mode, complete the following steps:

  • Select Start -> Programs -> Admin Tools -> Active Directory Users and Computers
  • In the Domain Properties, under Domain Operation mode, the domain information will be listed:

filer> cifs domaininfo

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