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Common Internet File System protocol stops responding after all vscan servers are disconnected

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Applies to

 Data ONTAP 7 and earlier 


  • Files inaccessible from CIFS when vscan is enabled.
  • Windows clients can browse mapped drives but cannot access files (error message may differ based on Windows version).

Access Denied: Files are either read-only or encrypted.

  • Access Denied. Contact your administrator.

In the messages file of the filer, the following error message might be reported:

Error message: [vscan.server.connectedNone:warning]: CIFS: Virus scanning is enabled but no vscan (anti-virus) servers are connected to the filer.

For some reason the vscan servers are all disconnected. Since these files can no longer be scanned and mandatory scan is enabled, the data is not served by the filer. In this situation some text files can still be accessed but other file types such as Word and Excel documents cannot. The message logs will report error messages similar to the following:

Fri Sep 14 01:05:18 MST [filer: vscan.server.upgradeNotification:info]:
CIFS: Virus scan server \vscanserver ( notified the filer that its version has changed.

Fri Sep 14 01:05:20 MST [filer:
vscan.server.connecting.disconnect:info]: CIFS: Vscan server \vscanserver deregistered and will be removed from the list of available vscan servers.

Fri Sep 14 01:05:20 MST [filer: cifs.server.infoMsg:info]: CIFS:
Warning for server \vscanserver: Connection terminated.



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