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Can Network File System(NFS) mount the filer from one client, but cannot mount successfully from another type?

Last Updated:

Applies to

Data ONTAP 7 and earlier


Can mount the filer from HP client

Cannot mount the filer from SUN client

Error message: NFS server not responding

Attempt to isolate the problem by completing the following steps:

filer> options nfs
nfs.mount_rootonly on
nfs.tcp.enable on
nfs.tcp.xfersize 32768
nfs.udp.xfersize 8192
nfs.v3.enable on

Note: There are other NFS related options, but the ones above are most relevant for traditional NFS clients.

For example, to manually mount using NFS version 2, on some NFS clients:
mount -F nfs -o vers=2 filer:/vol/vol0/data /mnt/data

  1. If the UNIX hosts are on different physical networks, check whether the problem host has connectivity to the filer. Contact your Network Administrator for assistance.
  2. If another UNIX host of the same type exists, check that it can mount successfully.
  3. Determine if each type of UNIX host supports the same NFS transports and protocols. (For example, versions, TCP versus UDP, largest/smallest TCP transfer size, etc.) Refer to the respective vendor documentation for details.
  4. On the filer, view the NFS related options. Enable and configure as appropriate. Refer to the options man page or Command Reference Guide for more details:
  5. Try manually mounting the filer volume by explicitly assigning the desired NFS versions, transports and/or transfer sizes.
  6. If problems persist, contact the vendor of the NFS client that cannot mount the filer to investigate the issue.