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Are there new limits with disk sanitization in Data ONTAP 7.3?

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Applies to

  • Data ONTAP 7 and earlier
  • Data ONTAP 7.3


What are the disk sanitization limits in Data ONTAP 7.3?

Prior to Data ONTAP version 7.3, there was a limit to sanitize only 5 disks at a time. 

The Data ONTAP Storage Management Guide does not explain the new guidelines.

Users are working from an older KB: 'disk sanitize' error message: Pattern Limit Reached

The new guidelines for Data ONTAP 7.3 are:

  • Previous to version 7.3, if you were sanitizing disks with a random pattern (-r parameter), then there was a buffer limit of 5.
    Only 5 disks could be sanitized at the same time.
  • In Data ONTAP 7.3, this limit was changed to 100.

However, if you do not use the random pattern then you can sanitize as many disks as you want, with a few exceptions:

  • Both SES control disks in an ESH cannot be sanitized at the same time.
  • The root volume cannot be sanitized.

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