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7MTT - The source volume languages are ‘undefined’; will 7MTT require a change of the source volume language before a migration to clustered Data ONTAP?

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This article is for PS/Partners/Customers transitioning their 7-Mode system to a clustered Data ONTAP system using the 7-Mode Transition Tool (7MTT)


With 7MTT 1.0 GA, the volume language of 7-Mode volumes and the clustered Data ONTAP language does not need to be the same or match. SnapMirror will overwrite the existing clustered Data ONTAP volume language with the 7-Mode volume language during the initialize. There will no longer be any language compatibility issues. It will always work.

7MTT preserves the volume's language 'as is'. In 7-Mode, 'undefined' and 'C' are identical languages. Since clustered Data ONTAP does not have an 'undefined' language, volumes with 'undefined' languages in 7-Mode are shown as 'C' in clustered Data ONTAP. This is why, in the case of 7-Mode volume language setting 'undefined', you will see the clustered Data ONTAP volume language as 'C' after the initialize. It does not matter with what language setting the clustered Data ONTAP volume was created.

Note: You cannot change the volume language after it is set; thus, if you want it to be something specific, it needs to be changed on the 7-Mode volume prior to using the 7-Mode Transition Tool

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