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Why is the giveback of a clustered Data ONTAP aggregate vetoed?

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Clustered Data ONTAP 8


Any attempt to giveback aggregates in clustered Data ONTAP can be vetoed to prevent disruption by default. The explanation given may not be entirely obvious, depending on the version of Data ONTAP generating the message.

cluster::> storage failover show
Node           Partner        Possible State Description
-------------- -------------- -------- -------------------------------------
node1          node2          true     Connected to node2
node2          node1          true     Connected to node1
node3          node4          -        Waiting for giveback (HA mailboxes)
node4          node3          false    Previous giveback failed in module:
                                       disk check

cluster::> failover show-giveback
(storage failover show-giveback)
Node           Aggregate         Giveback Status
-------------- ----------------- ---------------------------------------------
                                 No aggregates to give back
                                 No aggregates to give back
Warning: Unable to list entries on node node3. RPC: Port mapper failure - RPC: Timed out
                                 CFO Aggregates Failed module: disk check. Check the event log
              node3_aggr1        Not attempted yet
              node3_aggr2        Not attempted yet

A list of giveback vetoes that should be considered unsafe until investigation is performed, as overriding the indicated veto reason could result in disruption of services:

CFO (Controller Failover Giveback) can trigger vetoes for the root aggregate configured on the node, resulting in the node not booting until overridden or the cause of the veto clears.




Terminate the CIFS sessions causing the veto or shutdown the CIFS application that established the open sessions. Overriding this veto might cause the application using CIFS to disconnect abruptly and lose data.

disk check

All failed or bypassed disks should be removed before attempting giveback. If a disk is sanitizing, the user should wait until the operation ends.

Overriding this veto might cause outage due to aggregates or volumes going offline due to reservation conflicts or inaccessible disks.

Storage Failover Giveback (SFO) can trigger vetoes for the data aggregates taken over. The CFO giveback completes and the node taken over typically boots and reports healthy in ::> cluster show, indicating it is ready for SFO giveback to commence:



Lock Manager

Graciously shutdown the CIFS applications that have open files or move those volumes to a different aggregate.

Overriding will result in loss of CIFS lock state, which will cause disruption and data loss.

Lock Manager NDO

Wait until the locks are mirrored. Overriding this veto will cause disruption to Microsoft Hyper-V VMs.


Check the EMS file to determine the root cause of the veto. If it is due to nvfile, online the volumes and aggregates that are offline. If disk add or disk ownership reassign operations are in progress, wait. If the veto is due to aggr name or UUID conflict, troubleshoot the issue.

If the veto is due to mirror resync, mirror verify, or offline disk, it can be vetoed and the operation will be restarted after giveback.

Disk Inventory

The destination might not be able to see disks belonging to the aggregate being migrated. If this is vetoed, since some disks might not be accessible, some aggregates and volumes might become inaccessible. Troubleshooting is necessary to identify and resolve the root cause of the issue.


This veto is due to failure to send appropriate message to SnapMirror, which will stop SnapMirror from shutting down. It is not safe to ignore this veto, troubleshooting is necessary to identify and resolve the root cause of the issue.

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