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Why do volume names have (1) appended to the end of them after they are moved?

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Cluster Data ONTAP


If an existing volume is moved across aggregates within the same node by running the volume move command, the name of the moved volume will have a number such as (1) appended to the end of the volume name. This might affect personal naming conventions; however, this will not have any adverse effects on the system's operation.

There is a similar situation where the numbers will be added, at the node level, if different Vservers have the same volume name. If you have a CIFS Vserver with an "Engineering" volume and an NFS Vserver with an "Engineering" volume, and they are both on the same node, one of them would have a (1) appended to it from the node level, but from the cluster level (with a volume show), both would show "Engineering".

With a volume move, the volume can be renamed; however, the original volume is removed. In the case of the same name on multiple Vservers, the rename command will work, but it will append the number back.

volume rename -volume <volume_A> -vserver <Vserver_name> -newname <volume_newname>

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