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Why "volume show" shows a value greater than 0 for "Space Saved by Deduplication" even if volume efficiency policy is not set ?


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This is expected behavior when using ODX for copy offload on storage virtual machine (SVM) , because ODX uses deduplication as part of copy process.

In this case, "volume efficiency show" command shows volume efficiency policy is disabled.


::> volume efficiency show
Vserver    Volume           State     Status      Progress           Policy
---------- ---------------- --------- ----------- ------------------ ----------
SVM_name   Volume_name      Idle      Idle for 1049:24:04 -        Disabled

However, "volume show" output shows value grater than 0kb at "Space Saved by Deduplication".


::> volume show -volume vol1
                                     Vserver Name: SVM1
                                      Volume Name: vol1
        Volume Contains Shared or Compressed Data: true
                Space Saved by Storage Efficiency: 768KB
           Percentage Saved by Storage Efficiency: 0%
                     Space Saved by Deduplication: 768KB

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