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What is the lock manager protocol?

Applies to

Data ONTAP 7 and earlier


The lock manager protocol supports both file-level and byte-range locking. 

However, programs running on the UNIX system usually support only byte-range locking. Typically, the file locking process involves using a byte-range lock on a file, where the range of bytes is 0 to end of file.

File locking, called sharing, works with products similar to PC-NFS that are running on OSs similar to Microsoft, which support both byte-range locking and file locking.

Lock managers on UNIX Network File System (NFS) servers also support file locking and byte-range locking; however, most UNIX API\'s do not have any calls to specify the share modes when opening a file. UNIX NFS clients never make file-locking requests to an NFS server, only byte-range locking requests.

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