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What is the command and syntax to revert a LIF to its home node and port in clustered Data ONTAP?

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Clustered Data ONTAP 8 


  • A LIF has been automatically or manually moved to a node and port combination which is not its configured default.
  • Commands run by an administrator, or link-events such as unplugging of a cable or a switch reboot might result in the cluster using a different node and/or port for the traffic associated with a LIF.

Check the LIFs status by running the following command:

::> net int show -fields home-node, home-port, curr-node, curr-port

If the values differ between home and current, and it is preferred to return the LIF to its home node and port, run the following command:

::> net int revert -vserver <vservername> -lif <lif name>

Note: During LIF migration, of which LIF reversion is a special case is designed to be minimally disruptive, the process might not be completely seamless, depending on proper configuration of broadcast domains, lack of network over-provisioning, switch redundancy, and so on. It is therefore advised to perform the process in a maintenance window if data is currently being served reliably with the LIF in question.

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