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What does the revision number of a LUN provided by Data ONTAP signify?


Applies to

  • SAN 
  • FlexPod 
  • Data ONTAP 7 and earlier


When a Data ONTAP upgrade is performed, the LUN revision numbers provided by Data ONTAP will change automatically. The LUN revision number depends on the version to which Data ONTAP is upgraded.

The following table gives the relationship between revision numbers and Data ONTAP versions:

Data ONTAP versions            
LUN Revision numbers                           
Pre-7.3 REV_0.2
7.3 REV_7300
7.3.1.x REV_7310
7.3.2.x REV_7320
7.3.5.x REV_7350
8.0 REV_8000
8.0.1.x REV_8010
8.0.2.x REV_8020
8.0.3.x REV_8030
8.0.4.x REV_8030
8.0.5.x REV_8030
8.1 REV_8100
8.1.1.x REV_811a
8.1.2.x REV_811a
8.1.3.x REV_811a
8.1.4.x REV_811a
8.2 REV_820a
8.2.1.x REV_820a


8.2.3 REV_820a
8.2.4 REV_820a
8.2.5 REV_820a
8.3 REV_830a



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