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What are the operations that are recognized as "other"

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What are the operations that are recognized as 'other'

'Other' operations are operations that are not READS or WRITES. It depends on the protocol that is used. These operations might come from a wrong/faulty application, or if required to check permissions, file attributes, and so on.

For example, in the case of NFS, “other” would include procedures such as non-READ-or-WRITE ones such as NULL, GETATTR, SETATTR, LOOKUP, ACCESS, RMOVE, MKDIR, etc..   Refer to NFS protocol specification for a whole list of procedure and details for each procedure :

Procedure 0:  NULL - Do nothing
Procedure 1:  GETATTR - Get file attributes
Procedure 2:  SETATTR - Set file attributes
Procedure 3:  LOOKUP - Lookup filename
Procedure 4:  ACCESS - Check Access Permission
Procedure 5:  READLINK - Read from symbolic link
Procedure 8:  CREATE - Create a file
Procedure 9:  MKDIR - Create a directory
Procedure 10: SYMLINK - Create a symbolic link
Procedure 11: MKNOD - Create a special device
Procedure 12: REMOVE - Remove a File
Procedure 13: RMDIR - Remove a Directory
Procedure 14: RENAME - Rename a File or Directory
Procedure 15: LINK - Create Link to an object
Procedure 16: READDIR - Read From Directory
Procedure 17: READDIRPLUS - Extended read from directory
Procedure 18: FSSTAT - Get dynamic file system information
Procedure 19: FSINFO - Get static file system Information
Procedure 20: PATHCONF - Retrieve POSIX information
Procedure 21: COMMIT - Commit cached data on a server to stable storage

In the case of CIFS, non-READ-or-WRITE operations like WRITE_AND_UNLOCK,  ECHO, TREE_CONNECT, TREE_DISCONNECT, etc. are treated as “other”. Refer to Microsoft CIFS specification for the details for each CIFS command. 

What does other_ops and other_latency mean?
other_ops: Other operations per second
other_latency: Average time for other operations

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