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What are the different phases of deduplication?

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If the user wants to know at what state or phase deduplication is at or can be in, following is a breakdown of the phases of deduplication:

From the SIS status, the following are the different phases:

toaster> sis status

Path State   Status   Progress
/vol/dvol_1  Enabled  Idle Idle for 04:53:29
/vol/dvol_2  Enabled  Pending  Idle for 15:23:41
/vol/dvol_3  Disabled Idle     Idle for 37:12:34
/vol/dvol_4  Enabled  Active   25 GB Scanned
/vol/dvol_5  Enabled  Active   25 MB Searched
/vol/dvol_6  Enabled  Active   40 MB (20%) Done
/vol/dvol_7  Enabled  Active   30 MB Verified
/vol/dvol_8  Enabled  Active   10% Merged
/vol/dvol_9  Enabled  Active   23 MB Scanned, 20 MB Compressed


dvol_1 has deduplication enabled, but is currently not running and in an Idle state.


dvol_2 is enabled and is in a Pending state. The deduplication operation on the volume will become Active when the resources are available.


dvol_3 is disabled and in an Idle state. Deduplication will not run until it has been enabled on the volume.


dvol_4 is enabled and in an Active state. Phase 1 Scan- It is currently scanning the whole volume.


dvol_5 is enabled and in an Active state. Phase 2 Search - The operation is for duplicated data.


dvol_6 is enabled and in an Active state. Phase 3 Done - The operation is finished and saved 20% of the total SIS data found in the searching stage.


dvol_7 is enabled and in an Active state. Phase 4 Verify - The operation is now verifying the metadata of processed data blocks. This process will remove unused metadata.


dvol_8 is enabled and in an Active state. Phase 5 Merge - The operation is merging verified metadata. This will merge together all verified metadata of processed data blocks to an internal formation with supports fast SIS operations.


dvol_9 is enabled and in an Active state. This volume is in the scanned phase (1) and also has compression enabled, which has compressed 20MBs worth of data.

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