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What are the NFS lock flags and their behavior?

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  • soft: This lock is soft (ie revocable)
  • wait: The locking request is prepared to wait for the lock to be granted
  • ckdup: The locking request should check for duplicates of existing locks when granting
  • super: This lock is a super-lock, which is to be granted even if conflicting locks are present
  • covers: This lock covers a set of others when may then each be excused from conflicts with it
  • batch: This softlock is a batch oplock
  • read-block: This read-softlock requires sync recall
  • sessfail-release: This lock is to be released if its CSM session fails
  • open-group: This oplock is an SMB2 lease
  • non-conflict: This lock is on a non-conflict list
  • store-reclaim: This lock needs a reclaim record in the hosts file
  • advisory-share-lock: This sharelock is advisory, not mandatory It will deny conflicting share locks but not other ops
  • delete-on-close: This lock has delete-on-close set
  • watch-present: This lock has a watch set by a client
  • in-recall-list: This lock is on the recall list
  • sml-past-eof-set: This lock has been processed by SML for past-EOF release
  • open-for-attr-access: This lock is for an open for attribute access
  • oplock-is-orphaned: The last sharelock has been removed from this oplock
  • oplock-dng-to-level-read: This oplock should be downgraded to read level
  • oplock-dng-to-level-write: This oplock should be downgraded to write level
  • oplock-dng-to-level-batch: This oplock should be downgraded to batch level
  • oplock-dng-to-read-deleg: This oplock should be downgraded to a read delegation
  • oplock-dng-to-level-null: This oplock should be downgraded to null level
  • reconstructed: This lock has been reconstructed from mirrored lock state
  • cb-oplock-recons-in-progress: This oplock is being reconstructed and a callback is in progress
  • cb-oplock-recons-completed: This oplock has been reconstructed and no additional callbacks will be sent
  • non-mirrored: This lock does not qualify for NDOLITE mirroring
  • non-mirrored-vgb: This lock is not mirrored and should veto giveback
  • revoked-interim: This lock is revoked
  • dup-bytelock: This bytelock is a preallocated duplicate and should not be granted
  • sess-cleanup-delayed: This lock can not be disconnected during session cleanup due to an NDOLITE inflight hash conflict
  • cb-route-use-blade-id: This lock was created or disconnected via a blade ID
  • in-cb-locks-retry-list: This bytelock needs its CB_LOCK request to be retried lazily
  • lif-fail-release: This lock needs to be released during a SML cleanup when a LIF migrates

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