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What are some of the Data ONTAP upgrade considerations for storage systems containing 32-bit data?

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Data ONTAP 8.3


For storage systems running Data ONTAP 8.2.x, the 32-bit data must be removed before upgrading to Data ONTAP 8.3 and later, since 32-bit data support is removed from Data ONTAP 8.3 and later.

Failing to remove the 32-bit data and upgrading the storage system to Data ONTAP 8.3 might result in possible service outages requiring complex recovery procedures.

The 32-bit data can be present as follows:

  1. 32-bit aggregate
    Run the command node run * aggr status -v on the storage system, and if the output does not include 64-bit, then the aggregate is 32-bit. It must be upgraded to 64-bit before upgrading to Data ONTAP 8.3 and later.
  2. 32-bit volume
    Run the command volume show -block-type !64-bit -fields block-type or volume show -block-type 32-bit -fields block-type or node run * vol status -v. If the output does not include 64-bit, then the volume is in a 32-bit format.
  3. 32-bit snapshot
    Run the command volume snapshot show -fs-block-format !64-bit -fields fs-block-format to list the 32-bit snapshots. Even a 64-bit volume can have a 32-bit snapshot through SnapMirror.

For procedures to upgrade and remove the 32-bit data, see the following links:

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