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WebDav authentication issue on clustered Data ONTAP

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  • Clustered Data ONTAP


WebDAV is an extension of HTTP that allows clients to perform remote Web content authoring operations.

The WebDAV protocol provides a framework for users to create, change and move documents on a server.

On Data ONTAP 7-Mode, there is a limited implementation of WebDAV server (options webdav.enable on/off); however, currently on clustered Data ONTAP, there is no WebDAV server implementation.

If a client still needs this functionality implemented on clustered Data ONTAP, it is possible to implement with an IIS server acting as a middle man. Here are the details to create such a solution:

  1. Install and configure an IIS server as a WebDAV server. For example, link for such a solution IIS_WebDAV.
  2. Navigate in the the IIS server virtual directory to the designated vServer CIFS share. *No special share configurations are needed.

This way the IIS server is used as a translator between the WebDAV client and the cDot cluster CIFS share.



In this scenario, the user has opened WebDAV share from a client and unable to reach the data on the Vserver share. If the user 'explore' the virtual directory configured from with-in the IIS website, it would open as expected.

A second virtual directory is added to the WebDAV website that is pointing to a share on a different Windows machine, this virtual directory worked as expected both from the 'explore' option and obviously from a WebDAV client.



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