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NetApp adopts Microsoft’s Business-to-Customer (B2C) Identity Management
Effective December 3 - NetApp adopts Microsoft’s Business-to-Customer (B2C) identity management to simplify and provide secure access to NetApp resources. For accounts that did not pre-register (prior to Dec 3) access to your NetApp data may take up to 1 hour as your legacy NSS ID is synchronized to the new B2C identity. To learn more, Read the FAQ and Watch the video. Need assistance? Complete this form and select “Registration Issue” as the Feedback Category. 
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Vmware VMs becomes inaccessible or hangs during the volume move operation

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • VMWare


  • Vmware VMs becomes inaccessible or hangs during the volume move operation.
  • Vmware VMs are in FC LUN datastore of the impacted volume.
  • The volume move progress is stopped at a percentage number.
  • ONTAP EMS logs show:

Thu May 27 16:39:37 CST [nodename: wafl_exempt01: wafl.vol.full:notice]: Insufficient space on volume volname@vserver:fd47e025-e9a3-11e8-a6d4-00a098d3deb0 to perform operation. 64.0KB was requested but only 52.0KB was available.

  • ONTAP MGWD logs show:

Thu May 27 17:25:43 CST [nodename: mgwd: mgmt.vopl.move.cut.entryFail:error]: The volume move operation of volume 'volname' in Vserver 'svm1' to destination aggregate 'aggr1' did not enter the cutover phase. The system provided the additional explanation: 'Preparing source volume for cutover: Volume quiesce failed with not enough space to create snapshot (Can't create snapshot for operation, insufficient space)'. After a short delay, the volume move operation will reattempt cutover entry. The job ID for the volume move job is '11669'



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