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Unable to join CIFS server to a new domain

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Active Directory
  • Domain Controller (DC)
  • CIFS


  • Unable to join CIFS server to a domain
  • Unable to modify the CIFS server and add it to a new domain 

Cluster01::> vserver cifs modify -vserver SVM01 -domain

In order to create an Active Directory machine account for the CIFS server, you must supply the name and password of a Windows account with sufficient privileges to add computers to the "CN=Computers" container within the ""

Enter the user name: administrator

Enter the password:

Error: Machine account creation procedure failed
  [ 10858] Loaded the preliminary configuration.
  [ 10892] Created a machine account in the domain
  [ 10910] SID to name translations of Domain Users and Admins
           completed successfully
  [ 10916] Successfully connected to ip, port 464 using
  [ 10949] Kerberos password set for 'SVM-CIFS$'
  [ 10949] Set initial account password
  [ 10955] Successfully connected to ip, port 445 using
  [ 10974] Successfully authenticated with DC
  [ 13979] Unable to connect to NetLogon service on
**[ 13979] FAILURE: Unable to make a connection
**         (, result: 6776
  [ 13979] Unable to make a NetLogon connection to
  using the new machine account
  [ 13986] Deleted existing account

Error: command failed: Failed to create the Active Directory machine account "SVM-CIFS". Reason: Command timed out.


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