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Top UNIX (Solaris/AIX/HP-UX) Issues/Workarounds/Best Practices for NFS v3/v4.0

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Applies to

  • UNIX clients (Solaris/AIX/HP-UX)
  • NFS v3/v4.0
  • Data ONTAP 7-Mode 


Top UNIX (Solaris/AIX/HP-UX) Issues/Workarounds/Best Practices for NFS v3/v4.0

This article lists the top known issues, workarounds and best practices for UNIX clients (Solaris/AIX/HP-UX), when used with NetApp FAS controllers running Data ONTAP 7-Mode or clustered Data ONTAP.

Known Issues and Workarounds:


  • Issue:
    Solaris 11: nfs-kerberos fails with the permission denied error if allow_weak_crypto is disabled. 
    Description: With kinit enabled on these clients, nfs-kerberos authentication will fail and displays: kinit: No supported encryption types (config file error?).
    Workaround: Add allow_weak_crypto=yes in /etc/krb5/krb5.conf to get nfs-kerberos working. 
  • Issue:
    Solaris 10/11: Error=5 seen while server SFO/unplaned reboot.
    Description: When the server goes through an unplanned SFO or reboot, the client side application might see an Error=5.
    Workaround: For Solaris 11.2 this is fixed in following SRU. Oracle Solaris Support Repository Update (Oracle Solaris 11.2 SRU6.4) ( Doc ID 1962769.1 ). For Solaris 10, this if fixed by patch 150401-21.So we need to have patch 150401-21 OR above.


  • Issue:
    AIX 7.1 TL0 SP4: nfsv4 mount with clustered Data ONTAP fails with the error 'data IP is not in hosts database'.
    Description: Mount fails with NFS v4.0 displaying the error 'data IP is not present in host database'.
    Workaround: Add data LIF IP in the /etc/hosts file on the client to resolve the issue.


  • Issue:
    HP-UX 11i v3: Creating a directory on the nfsv4 mount might result in permission denied.
    Description: Unable to create directories on an NFS v4 mount since the default UID/GID for root user must be 0/0; however, it is in this version of HPUX OS 0/3 (root/sys), so the storage system responds with the error message: NFS4ERR_BADOWNER.
    Workaround: Add sys entry in the etc/group file on the storage system (Data ONTAP 7-Mode). In the case of clustered Data ONTAP, create Unix-group for sys to resolve the issue.

Best Practices:
See TR-4067 for 'Clustered Data ONTAP NFS Best Practice and Implementation Guide'.


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