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The validation of ANDU reports warning of LIFs are not hosted on a network port

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The validation of Automated Non-disruptive Upgrades (ANDU) reports the warning of LIFs are not hosted on a network port, however, both the LIFs and the ports show normal/up status.

::*> cluster image validate -version 9.3P18

It can take several minutes to complete validation...

WARNING: There are additional manual upgrade validation checks that must be performed after these automated validation checks have completed successfully.
Refer to the Upgrade Advisor Plan or "Performing manual checks before an automated cluster upgrade" section in the "Clustered Data ONTAP Upgrade Express Guide" for the remaining manual validation checks that need to be performed before update.
Failing to do so can result in an update failure or an I/O disruption.

Pre-update Check      Status     Error-Action
--------------------- ---------- --------------------------------------------
LIFs not hosted       Warning    Warning: LIFs "lif01" for Vserver
                                 "svm1","lif02" for Vserver
                                 "svm1" are not hosted on a network port.
                                 Action: To identify LIFs that are no longer
                                 hosted use the "network interface show
                                 -status-admin up -status-oper down" command                                
::*> network interface show -status-admin up -status-oper down
There are no entries matching your query.
::*> network interface show -vserver svm1
Logical Status Network Current Current Is
Vserver Interface Admin/Oper Address/Mask Node Port Home
----------- ---------- ---------- ------------------ ------------- ------- ----
        lif01 up/up node1 a0a-111 true
        lif02 up/up node2 a0a-111 true
2 entries were displayed.


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