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SVM DR fails to resync with "Operation take_snapshot failed" error

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • SVM DR


SVM DR fails to resync with "Operation take_snapshot failed" error. details as the following:

NetAPP2750::> snapmirror show -instance -destination-path FILE_DR:

                            Source Path: FILE:
                       Destination Path: FILE_DR:
                      Relationship Type: XDP
                Relationship Group Type: -
                    SnapMirror Schedule: -
                 SnapMirror Policy Type: async-mirror
                      SnapMirror Policy: MirrorAllSnapshots
                            Tries Limit: -
                      Throttle (KB/sec): unlimited
                           Mirror State: Broken-off
                    Relationship Status: Idle
                File Restore File Count: -
                 File Restore File List: -
                      Transfer Snapshot: -
                      Snapshot Progress: -
                         Total Progress: -
              Network Compression Ratio: -
                    Snapshot Checkpoint: -
                        Newest Snapshot: vserverdr.d039ea92b50c.2022-04-27_134450
              Newest Snapshot Timestamp: 04/27 13:44:50
                      Exported Snapshot: -
            Exported Snapshot Timestamp: -
                                Healthy: false
                       Unhealthy Reason: Transfer failed
                Destination Volume Node: -
                        Relationship ID: d8c83a43-dbf7-11ec-b22a-d039ea92b00c
                   Current Operation ID: -
                          Transfer Type: -
                         Transfer Error: -
                       Current Throttle: -
              Current Transfer Priority: -
                     Last Transfer Type: resync
                   Last Transfer Error:Operation take_snapshot failed.Wait a few minutes,and then try the command again.
Execute "snapmirror show -destination-vserver FILE_DR -fields last-transfer-error,unhealthy-reason -expand" to check if the constituent volumes have encountered errors.
                     Last Transfer Size: 61.81GB
Last Transfer Network Compression Ratio: -
                 Last Transfer Duration: 2:35:50
                     Last Transfer From: FILE:
            Last Transfer End Timestamp: 06/17 19:29:30
                  Progress Last Updated: -
                Relationship Capability: -
                               Lag Time: -
           Identity Preserve Vserver DR: true
                 Volume MSIDs Preserved: true
                 Is Auto Expand Enabled: -
           Number of Successful Updates: -
               Number of Failed Updates: -
           Number of Successful Resyncs: -
               Number of Failed Resyncs: -
            Number of Successful Breaks: -
                Number of Failed Breaks: -
                   Total Transfer Bytes: -
         Total Transfer Time in Seconds: -

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