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Root Volume Not Working Properly: Recovery Required - Autosupport Message

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • callhome.root.vol.recovery.reqd

Event Summary

This AutoSupport message is triggered by the root.vol.recovery.reqd condition, where one or more of the following error messages are reported:

  • mgmtgwd.rootvol.recovery.different
  • mgmtgwd.rootvol.recovery.changed
  • mgmtgwd.rootvol.recovery.takeover.changed
  • rdb.env.replicaCorrupt
  • rdb.corruption.reported


During system boot one of the following messages will be displayed:
The root volume is different than the one previously used by this node. This node is not fully operational. Contact support personnel for the root volume recovery procedures.

An unexpected power outage or the nodes were not shutdown properly. ONTAP boots with the following message:

The contents of the root volume may have changed and the local management configuration may be inconsistent and/or the local management databases may be out of sync with the replicated databases. This node is not fully operational.
Contact support personnel for the root volume recovery procedures.

Event Log

event log show -severity * -message-name callhome*

[netapp-cluster-01: mgwd: callhome.root.vol.recovery.reqd:EMERGENCY]: Call home for ROOT VOLUME NOT WORKING PROPERLY: RECOVERY REQUIRED.


  • Some Replicated Database (RDB) inconsistencies can be corrected automatically, in which case the message rdb.recovery.succeeded is emitted and no further action is required. If rdb.recovery.failed is logged, contact Support personnel for assistance, if required.


If the root volume is low on space, perform the following steps:

  1. Delete the old snapshot copies, delete unwanted files, and/or expand the root volume's capacity.
  2. After enough space is made available, reboot the controller.
    If required, contact Support personnel for assistance.

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