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ONTAP upgrade from 9.4x to 9.5x fails at the "Ciphers Upgrade Task"

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9.5P10 and earlier
  • ANDU (Automated nondisruptive upgrade)


  • Cluster upgrade is in a paused-on-error state and the following is seen when running cluster image show-update-progress:

Cluster01::> cluster image show-update-progress

                                             Estimated         Elapsed
Update Phase         Status                   Duration        Duration
-------------------- ----------------- --------------- ---------------
Pre-update checks    completed                00:10:00        00:00:50
Data ONTAP updates   paused-on-error          01:17:00    5 days 20:51


Node name            Status            Status Description
-------------------- ----------------- --------------------------------------
Cluster01-01         waiting
Cluster01-02         failed            Error: Upgrade of node
                                       "Cluster01-02" failed to complete
                                       Action: Use the (privilege: advanced)
                                       command "system node upgrade-revert
                                       show -node <nodename>" to check the
                                       upgrade status.
4 entries were displayed.

Status: Paused - An error occurred in "Data ONTAP updates" phase. The update cannot continue until the error has been resolved. Resolve all issues, then use the "cluster image resume-update" command to resume the update.


  • Running system node upgrade-revert show returns the following:

Cluster01::> set adv
Cluster01::*> system node upgrade-revert show -node Cluster01-02

Node: Cluster01-02                                  Status: aborted

Status Message: The upgrade aborted in the "post-apps" phase on task "Ciphers Upgrade Task". Contact support personnel for the upgrade repair procedure.

Vers Phase      Status   Upgrade Phase Status Message
---- ---------- -------- ------------------------------------------------------
900  pre-root   applied  No upgrade is required for this phase.
900  pre-apps   applied  Upgrade successful.
900  post-apps  aborted  entry doesn't exist
3 entries were displayed.


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