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ONTAP upgrade from 8.3 to 9.1 gets aborted due to BCOMD offline

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ONTAP upgrade from 8.3 to 9.1


ONTAP upgrade from 8.3 to 9.1 aborted due to BCOMD offline.

Error sample:

::*> system node upgrade-revert show

Node: node01                                        Status: aborted

Status Message: The upgrade aborted. Contact support personnel for the upgrade repair procedure.

Vers Phase      Status   Upgrade Phase Status Message
---- ---------- -------- ------------------------------------------------------
420  pre-root   applied  No upgrade is required for this phase.
420  pre-apps   applied  Upgrade successful.
420  post-apps  applied  Upgrade successful.
510  pre-root   applied  No upgrade is required for this phase.
510  pre-apps   applied  Upgrade successful.
510  post-apps  aborted  Node "node01" on ring "Bcom" is offline. 

Node         Vers Phase     ID  Proc   Status     Description             
------------ ---- --------- --- ------ ---------- -----------------------------
node01      500 post-apps 504 mgwd   applied    FlexCache UpgradeRevert App Task For 9.0
node01      500 post-apps 505 mgwd   applied    Predefined_roles_update_upgrade
node01      500 post-apps 506 mgwd   applied    Predefined_roles_update_revert
node01      500 post-apps 508 mgwd   applied    Upgrade_Revert of 9.0.0 FPolicy Features
node01      500 post-apps 510 mgwd   applied    Session Limits Upgrade/Revert Task
node01      500 post-apps 514 mgwd   applied    Web Services 9.0.0 RDB Upgrade/Revert Task
node01      500 post-apps 515 mgwd   applied    Web Services 9.0.0 Upgrade/Revert Task
node01      500 post-apps 516 mgwd   applied    Revert Audit records
node01      500 post-apps 519 mgwd   applied    Autobalancer_support
node01      500 post-apps 520 mgwd   applied    InfiniteVol Revert Task
node01      500 post-apps 521 mgwd   applied    InfiniteVol Upgrade Task
node01      500 post-apps 522 mgwd   applied    Upgarde and Revert task for LDAP
node01      500 post-apps 523 bcomd  aborted    LUN Map LGID Upgrade/Revert 



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