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ONTAP 9.6+: NFS access to NTFS security volume fails with NIS in NS-SWITCH but not configured

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ONTAP 9.6+


  • NFS access to NTFS security volume fails name-mapping with unknown UID although the unix UID is known
  • Example ems journal 
    • secd.nfsAuth.noNameMap: vserver (vserver) Cannot map UNIX name to CIFS name. Error: Get user credentials procedure failed 
    • [ 11] Mapping an unknown UID to default windows user
    • [ 11] Unable to map '123'. No default Windows user defined.
    • **[ 11] FAILURE: Name mapping for UNIX user '123' failed. No mapping found
  • Example secd journal showing transient NIS error resulting from NIS in NS-SWITCH but NIS not configured
    • ERR  :  Configuration for NIS is disabled/not found { in SecdCbNsJournal() at src/utils/secd_ns_utils.cpp:91 }
      info :  Source: NIS unavailable. Entry for user-id:123 not found in any of the available sources { in SecdCbNsJournal() at src/utils/secd_ns_utils.cpp:95 }
      debug:  nswrapper::getpwuid_r() returned error code=2, files_err=5, nis_err=19, ldap_err=5, dns_err=0  { in getUserInfoViaLibC() at src/utils/secd_ns_utils.cpp:448 }
      ERR  :  nswrapper::getpwuid_r() has a transient error  { in getUserInfoViaLibC() at src/utils/secd_ns_utils.cpp:454 }
      ERR  :  RESULT_ERROR_SECD_LIBC_TRANSIENT_ERROR:7035 in getUserInfoViaLibC() at src/utils/secd_ns_utils.cpp:455
      ERR  :  RESULT_ERROR_SECD_LIBC_TRANSIENT_ERROR:7035 in _getUserPasswdInfo() at src/authorization/secd_unix_authorization.cpp:738
      ERR  :  RESULT_ERROR_SECD_LIBC_TRANSIENT_ERROR:7035 in _getUserInfo() at src/authorization/secd_unix_authorization.cpp:485
      ERR  :  RESULT_ERROR_SECD_LIBC_TRANSIENT_ERROR:7035 in getCredsFromUserIdViaLibc() at src/authorization/secd_unix_authorization.cpp:112

      debug:  Logged secd.nfsAuth.noNameMap to EMS  { in logEmsEventWithJournalForNfsAuthError() at src/utils/secd_ems_utils.cpp:1236 }
  • NS switch configured database group and/or passwd with NIS
    • ::> vserver services ns-switch show -vserver vserver1
      Vserver         Database       Order
      --------------- ------------   ---------
      vserver1        hosts          files,
      vserver1        group          files,
      vserver1        passwd         files,
      vserver1        netgroup       files
      vserver1        namemap        files
  • NIS not configured example
    • ::> vserver services nis-domain show -vserver vserver1
      There are no entries matching your query.

  • Local unix user configured example
    • ::> vserver services unix-user show -vserver vserver -id 123
                     User            User   Group  Full
      Vserver        Name            ID     ID     Name
      -------------- --------------- ------ ------ --------------------------------
      vserver1       root            123    123
  • No local unix group configured example
  • ::> vserver services unix-Group  show -vserver vserver1 -id 123
    There are no entries matching your query.



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