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NSE: How to unconfigure the external key management before upgrading to Data ONTAP 9.3 or later

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Applies to

  • NetApp Storage Encryption (NSE)
  • Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP)
  • ONTAP 9.2 and earlier Upgrading to ONTAP 9.3 or later


This article describes the procedure to upgrade a NSE system using an external key management (KMIP) server to ONTAP 9.3 or later.

  • A new KMIP client has been released in the ONTAP 9.3 code (KMIP2).
  • Keys that were created/stored using a KMIP1 client in pre-ONTAP 9.3 releases cannot be retrieved using the new KMIP2 client.
  • For more information, see the ONTAP 9.3 Release Notes.

Page 25:
Important: If you are upgrading to ONTAP 9.3 from a previous version, you must delete any existing KMIP server connections using the security key-manager delete-kmip-config command before upgrading, then reconfigure the KMIP server connections using the security key-manager setup command after the upgrade is completed.”

  • The following error message may be seen when upgrading a NSE system with external KMIP to ONTAP 9.3:

Error: External key management is configured on the cluster.
       Please unconfigure the external key management before
       upgrading to Data ONTAP 9.3.
       To unconfigure, run the command:
       "security key-manager delete-kmip-config"
ERROR: external keymanager check failed.
Install Failed.



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