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NDMP Backup and Restore supported for FabricPool?

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • FabricPool
  • NDMP



Yes, beginning in ONTAP 9.7, NDMP can be used with FabricPool

Considerations and requirements for using FabricPool

Additional Information

  • As with snapmirror, time to complete a full backup of a volume which has much of its data tiered out will take longer.
  • The amount of time will depend on
    • the amount of data that has been tiered,
    • the interconnect between Ontap and the object store,
    • as well as the sizing/performance of the object store itself.


  • RPO calculations should factor this when planning NDMP for FabricPool
  • When restoring data into a FabricPool
    • all data will be placed in the performance tier.
    • Ensure the performance tier has enough space before attempting a restore.


  • Customers who use third party backup tools or applications should configure them to use NDMP as the protocol and not CIFS or NFS.
    • If backups are done via a NAS protocol, those reads will look like client reads to ONTAP and will make all the data hot again.
    • If such backups happen often enough, the data will never become cool enough to tier.
    • NDMP reads on the other hand are recognized as such and do not make data hot.