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Move volume follows the error : Preparing source volume for cutover : Deduplication is not ready for volmove cutover

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9 
  • Volume move


  • Run the volume move on the system manager following the below error:

The volume move operation of volume 'vol_name' in Vserver 'vserver_name' to destination aggregate 'aggr_name' did not enter the cutover phase. The system provided the additional explanation: 'Preparing source volume for cutover: Deduplication is not ready for volmove cutover'. After a short delay, the volume move operation will reattempt cutover entry. The job ID for the volume move job is 'job_id'.

  • cluster::> volume move show

Vserver Volume State Move Phase Percent-Complete


--------- ---------- -------- ---------- ---------------- ----------------

vserver volname healthy cutover_soft_deferred 98% Sat May 23 20:02:53 2020

job_id Waiting to Cutover. 

  • Getting below error message: 

Detailed Status: Waiting to Cutover. (Preparing source volume for cutover: Deduplication is not ready for volmove cutover Sent)::Reason: 3.11TB Volume move job monitoring transfer of data.

  • After a few mins, got observed that it got moved successfully with 100%.

Sat May 23 22:16:16 CST [node: mgwd: mgmt.vopl.move.done:notice]: The volume move job with ID '13061' on volume 'volname' on Vserver 'vserver_name' to destination aggregate 'aggr_name' succeeded.



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