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Is ONTAP affected by the Oct 2021 GPS Daemon week rollover bug?

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Global Positioning Systems Daemon (GPSD) time might roll back 1024 weeks after week 2180.


On 24 October 2021, Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers using GPSD versions 3.20 - 3.22 might rollback 1,024 weeks to 3 March 2002, as documented at CISA: GPS Daemon (GPSD) Rollover Bug. Typically, Stratum 1 time servers employ GPS appliances and use GPSD.

Note: ONTAP does not use GPSD, since it is an NTP client.

Each ONTAP node maintains time using an NTP client that is configured to receive information from accessible NTP time servers.

  1. Use the following command to check the ONTAP cluster's NTP configuration: 

::> cluster time-service ntp server show

  1. Check the configured NTP server and its upstream time sources for potential impact from this issue.
    If a time server using GPSD is affected, upgrade to GPSD 3.23 or later.