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How to troubleshoot NFS APD issues on VMware ESXi

Applies to

  • VMware ESXi 


  • An APD Timer is started when 5 seconds of latency is experienced on a given TCP stream.
  • After 140 seconds of being in this state, the connection is considered lost and an APD Timeout is reached. 
  • Possible errors include, but not limited to:

YYYY-MM-DD T00:26:51.504Z: [APDCorrelator] 2682686563317us: [] Device or filesystem with identifier [11ace9d3-7bebe4e8] has entered the All Paths Down Timeout state after being in the All Paths Down state for 140 seconds. I/Os will now be fast failed.

NFSLock: 608: Stop accessing fd 0x410011446d28  3
NFS: 133: Lost connection to the server mount point /vol/datastore, mounted as cf8ds4ba-42c091b3-0000-000000000000 (“datastore”)

StorageApdHandler: 248: APD Timer started for ident [ed52389c-7610ad40]
StorageApdHandler: 846: APD Start for ident [ed52389c-7610ad40]!
StorageApdHandler: 277: APD Timer killed for ident [ed52389c-7610ad40]
StorageApdHandler: 902: APD Exit



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