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How to halt a single node without takeover in a two-node ONTAP cluster

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • 2 node cluster


In a two-node cluster, cluster HA ensures that the failure of one node does not disable the cluster.

  • If you halt or reboot a node in a two-node cluster without takeover by using the -inhibit-takeover true parameter, both nodes will stop serving data unless you change specific configuration settings.
WARNING: Failure to do so will cause the up node to also stop serving data.

ONTAP will warn you if attempt to reboot or halt a node before disabling cluster HA and moving epsilon

cluster1::> reboot -node cluster1-01 -inhibit-takeover true
  (system node reboot)

Warning: Rebooting or halting node "cluster1-01" in an HA-enabled cluster with takeover inhibited might result in a data serving failure and client disruption. To ensure
         continuity of service, do the following before rebooting or halting the node. Disable cluster HA using the command: "cluster ha modify -configured false".
         To transfer epsilon to the partner node, use the following commands (privilege:advanced):
                cluster modify -epsilon false -node <local-node>
                cluster modify -epsilon true -node <partner-node>
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