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How to frame a Performance case relating to SAN

Applies to

  • Storage Protocols 
  • SAN 
  • SAN Protocol


This article describes on how to frame a performance case relating to SAN.

Customers may observe that throughput and responsiveness from a NetApp filer using SAN protocols is not as desired. This article details what information needs to be collected in order to open a Support case for Performance troubleshooting related to SAN. It should be noted that this is preliminary data collection and more details and data may need to be collected after the case is opened. Additionally, in a SAN environment, the component causing the issue could be on the host or the fabric/network as well as the storage so it is important to keep in mind that the storage may not be the only component that needs investigating.

This article is designed to assist you in gathering the right information for a quicker response from NetApp support. Adding as much detail as possible about the problem is necessary for Support to focus on the problem to be solved and identify the underlying cause. This article summarizes the data that needs to be collected to troubleshoot performance problems on each version of ONTAP.



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