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How to find the volume fsid, directory ID, inode and file name from a packet trace on file handle

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Clustered Data ONTAP 8


This article describes the procedure to find the volume fsid, directory ID, inode and file name from packet trace on file handle.

  • Linux file handle

Length  Bytes     Field Name      Meaning                               Typical Values

1       1         fb_version      NFS version                           Always 1

1       2         fb_auth_type    Authentication  method                Always 0

1       3         fb_fsid_type    File system ID encoding method        Always 0

1       4         fb_fileid_type  File ID encoding method               Always either 0, 1, or 2

4       5-8       xdev            Major/Minor number of exported device Major number 3 (IDE), 8 (SCSI)

4       9-12      xino            Export inode number                   Almost always 2

4       13-16     ino             Inode number                          2 for /, 19 for /home/foo

4       17-20     gen_no          Generation number                     0xFF16DDF1, 0x3F6AE3C0

4       21-24     par_ino_no      Parent's inode number                 2 for /, 19 for /home

8       25-32                     Padding for NFSv2                     Always 0

32      33-64                     Unused by Linux 

  • FreeBSD file handle 

Length  Bytes  Field Name    Meaning                             Typical Values

8       1-8    fsid          File system                         ID 0x3F607F14 1C47F86E

2       9-10   fid_len       Length of the rest of the structure Always 12

2       11-12  fid_reserved  Word alignment                      Always 0

4       13-16  ufid_ino      Inode Number                        3, 47

4       17-20  ufid_gen      Inode Generation Number             0x0C8F960C, 0x9CFF85C7

12      21-32                Padding for NFSv2                   Always 0

32      33-64                Unused by FreeBSD 

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