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How to Troubleshoot Client Permission Issues in ONTAP 9

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Clustered Data ONTAP 8


  • This article is specific to Clustered Data ONTAP; if you have come across this article and are running Data ONTAP 7-Mode, see article : How to troubleshoot Microsoft Client permission issues on a NetApp 7-Mode storage system.
  • The following table shows the tools available for troubleshooting client permissions. ONTAP contains different features and functionalities to troubleshoot client permissions, the most effective tool in troubleshooting client permissions issues is Sectrace.
Feature ONTAP version supported
Sectrace (vserver security trace) 8.2+
NFS protocol Sectrace support 9.3+
Security Trace for ONTAP System Manager 9.6+
Show-Effective Permissions 9.2+
vserver security file-directory 8.2+
Secd 8.0+
Perform the following steps before troubleshooting client permissions:
  1. From a Windows client, 'ping' the Vserver by hostname or use nslookup to verify that name resolution is successful.
  2. From a Windows client, go to Start > Run and connect to the 'root' of the Vserver (do not specify a share name) 
    Example: \\Vserver_Name or \\Vserver_IPAddr
  • If the test in Step 1 fails:
    • the issue is likely a Name Resolution issue and needs to be resolved prior.
  • If the test in Step 2 fails:
    • the issue is likely an Authentication issue and needs to be resolved prior.

Once you have confirmed that Name Resolution and Authentication are successful, use the following steps for the specific version of Data ONTAP.



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