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How does NVFAIL work with LUNs in Data ONTAP 7-mode?

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  • Data ONTAP 7-mode


 When a volume has the nvfail option ON, Non-Volatile RAM (NVRAM) failures result in LUNs in the volume being taken offline.
  • For LUNs listed in the /etc/nvfail_rename file, they are renamed by appending .nvfail to the name (e.g. oracle.dbf.nvfail).
  • This affords no extra protection for Storage Area Network (SAN) hosts because SAN hosts reference LUNs by the LUN number assigned via LUN maps and NOT by the LUN name.
  • This protection was designed for file protocols, such as Network File System (NFS) and Common Internet File System protocol (CIFS), protect against corruption due to NVFAIL.

To clear the NVFAIL condition on a LUN, simply bring the LUN online.

  • Determine which volumes have the NVFAIL enabled:
node> vol status <volume_name> -v
  • Determine which LUNs are offline:
node> lun show
  • Online the LUNs that were brought offline due to the NVFAIL state.
node> lun online <lun>

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