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How do you determine the most specific network route ONTAP 9.2 and later versions will use for network traffic?

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ONTAP 9.2 and later versions


  • How ONTAP chooses a route when it needs to initiate a new request or reply to a request.
  • To determine the most specific route(s) to the destination, run the following command from the ONTAP CLI:​​​​​​
    • set advanced; network route active-entry show -vserver vserver -node node-01 
    • This will include routes that originate from the LIFs on the node specified
    • Alternatively, ROUTE-ACTIVE.XML can be reviewed in the AutoSupport section of  ActiveIQ 
  • From the route matches, determine which has the longest prefix
    • For example if the destination ip address is and looking at routing table with the following destinations
      • "default" or matches and has a 0 bit prefix
      • 10.1/16 matches and has a 16 bit prefix
      • 10.1.1/24 matches and has a 24 bit prefix
      • matches and has a 32 bit prefix which is longest prefix (32 is bigger than 24, 16, and 0) making it the most specific route


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