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Fpolicy EAGAIN errors seen in fpolicy.log in ONTAP

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Clustered Data ONTAP 8
  • FPolicy


  • Fpolicy.log reports errors pertaining to EAGAIN errors similar to the following:

[kern_fpolicy:error:1552] Write returned EAGAIN[35] [0x0x80c408d00] src/fsm/
[kern_fpolicy:error:4321] Read returned EAGAIN[35] [0x0x809005a40] fpolicy/fsm/

  • event log show gives an output similar to below:

[filer1: fpolicy: fpolicy.eagain.on.write:notice]: Write returned EAGAIN while sending notification to the FPolicy server "" for vserver ID 3.

  • Problematic operations will report errors for code 316 (which translates to SPINNP_ERR_FPOLICY_REQD) in SPINHI-STATS, for example:
Unlink: count=17242157 hipri=0 errs=5658866 elapsed: max=5900260.57 avg=300.16
		spinhi cpu: max=930.18 avg=13.53
		wafl cpu: max=5900190.78 avg=258.46 restarts=125102
		errs: 13[18142] 66[552] 298[3] 316[5640169]
  • Packet traces may show NFS3ERR_SERVERFAULT as a reply to a failed operation:



ActiveIQ Information

  • Check Active IQ if this impacts your systems
  • Please note, there are 2 Active IQ alerts that utilize this KB to provide further information
    • Signature 1:
      • Excessive EAGAIN errors are present in the Fpolicy logs
        • An EMS message has been seen latest Autosupport that recommends increasing the -send-buffer-size. If the value is already at 1048576, recommendation is to increase the send buffer up to the maximum value of 8mb. This can be done incrementally 1mb or 2mb.
    • Signature 2:
      • Fpolicy External Engine Send Buffer Size Best Practice 1mb
        • If the -send-buffer-size is less than 1mb (1048576), then a recommendation will be made to increase to 1mb.






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